Development For Tomorrow

Dx BioTech's mission is to democratize cytometry by developing and commercializing a new class of simpler analytical instruments for life science researchers and clinical diagnostics professionals. Bringing greater autonomy, testing agility and efficiency to researchers, drug developers, doctors and patients. This simplification will in turn result in a progressive decentralized use of cytometry.

Recent technology evolutions have enabled the miniaturization of flow cytometers. The new breed of smaller flow cytometers made “personal cytometry” possible. However, these new cytometers are built with the same laser and free-space optical architecture, making them hardly portable and equally sensitive to vibrations.

Dx BioTech aims to commercialize an innovative technology platform that integrates fiber optics, provides the ruggedness and portability that was missing in this practice, and opens an array of new possibilities in flow cytometry.

Our use of FiberFlowFluidics results in micro- sheath, ultra-compact, lightweight instruments, designed for daily use for the majority of common flow cytometry applications. The simplified and cost-effective HPC instruments are rugged and vibration-proof, and can be easily transported for use under a hood, in a glove box, in another laboratory, or for fieldwork. This new platform is a step forward in simplifying and democratizing the use of cytometry.