Low Cost of Ownership

Conventional flow cytometers use sheath fluid to suspend and hydrodynamically focus cells or particles in a liquid stream as they pass in front of a laser light source. Traditional hydrodynamic focusing requires precise laser beam alignment, adds bulk and complexity while commanding higher running costs. In contrast, FiberFlowFluidics is insusceptible to vibrations and cannot be misaligned which allows the HPC instruments to be moved or carried without laser beam alignment concerns or adjustments by a specialized technician.

In addition, fiber optics enable ground-breaking microfluidic flow cell design that requires minimal - or no - volume of sheath fluid. Some advantages of the micro-sheath or sheathless fluidic systems include decreased instrument complexity and overall usage costs through the reduction of footprint and consumable expense.

This FiberFlowFluidics patented technology delivers simplicity at an affordable price, lowering the cost of ownership without any trade-off in performance.

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