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  • Cost Effective Results

    Fiber optics enable ground-breaking microfluidic flow cell design that requires minimal - or no - volume of sheath fluid. The advantages of the micro-sheath or sheathless fluidic systems include decreased instrument complexity and overall usage costs through the reduction of footprint and consumable expense.

  • Our Compact Design Sets Us Apart

    In contrast with bulk free-space optical components used by conventional cytometers, the FiberFlowFluidics technology integrates compact and flexible fiber optics which enables small packaging.

  • We Are Here for You Every Step of The Way

    Our talented team of professionals and our partners work rigorously to make sure that all your demands are met. We offer various types of support services, allowing the reduction of downtime to almost zero.

  • Ease of Use

    The HPC instrument operation is controlled by Cytodyem Light data acquisition software. Its easy-to-use graphical user interface allows the user to scan samples, display up to 6 scatter plots and histograms, set gates, zoom and store the data in standard FCS file format. It also provides routine and microfluidics maintenance functions such as cleaning, rinsing, decontamination and many others.

  • Cost Effective Results

    Traditional hydrodynamic focusing requires precise laser beam alignment, adds bulk and complexity while commanding higher running costs. In contrast, FiberFlowFluidics is unsusceptible to vibrations and cannot be misaligned which allows the HPC instruments to be moved or carried without laser beam alignment concerns or adjustments by a specialized technician. This FiberFlowFluidics patented technology delivers simplicity at an affordable price, lowering the cost of ownership without any trade-off in performance.

  • The Endless Possibilities of Portable Cytometry

    The flow cell detection module does not need to be mechanically aligned because the light signals are routed through fiber optics; hence the complex assembly of “mirrors and lens” in typical flow cytometers is not necessary. The laser and detection modules can be positioned to optimize the instrument design and reduce overall system dimensions. The simplified and cost-effective HPC instruments are rugged and vibration-proof, and can be easily transported for use under a hood, in a glove box, in another laboratory, or for fieldwork